Your pension, your future
Love your future. Shell Pension.

Pension update November 2020

Your pension, your future
Love your future. Shell Pension.

Pension update September 2021

Value Statement

How does the economy affect your pension?

SNPS invests your pension capital. The value growth of these investments depends on developments on the stock markets. Every quarter, you will be notified and a value statement will be sent to you. This way you can see how your pension capital is doing at that particular moment in time. Sneak peak? These are developments that concern every SNPS participant.

- 2,6%

At the beginning of the year, shares fell sharply due to the impact of the coronavirus on the stock markets, this year this has mostly recovered, share prices have now fallen by 2.6%. Because you also invest in shares within the Life Cycles of SNPS, you are affected by this year's drop in value. However, SNPS invests for the long run and spreads its investments over several investment categories. Through the Life Cycles we also anticipate intermittent setbacks, which is part and parcel of investing. For you, it is important that you make a sound profit in the long run! In short: this development is a one-time snapshot.


Low interest rates are what makes pensions expensive. With a higher interest rate you can buy a higher pension benefit than with a lower interest rate. The Life Cycles of SNPS are in part protected against a decrease in interest because we also invest in bonds. Bonds, on the other hand, rise in value when the interest rate decreases.


The coronavirus continues to be a source of unrest. The number of infections is increasing, particularly in Europe. Worldwide, thousands of people are becoming infected with the virus on a daily basis. National measures are currently being taken in the Netherlands to reduce virus outbreaks. The economic figures indicate recovery, but in some countries the economy seems to be at a standstill.


Date of the presidential elections in the United States. Turmoil surrounding the presidential elections may cause temporary fluctuations in share prices. It is difficult to predict what the effect will be for each possible outcome. It is important that there are new economic incentives to counteract the effects of the coronavirus crisis.


Did you opt for a neutral risk profile? Then we invest 10% of your capital in bonds. These are less high-risk than shares. If you have a defensive risk profile, then bonds take up 30%. With an offensive risk profile, we invest everything in investment categories with a higher expected return, such as shares.

Would you like to know more? Watch our video on the investment balance sheet

How is your pension capital progressing?

Quarterly, you will receive a value statement in my-Shell pension. In this value statement you can check the current state of your pension. We have recently made a really good addition. Under 'How your pension capital is progressing'  the development of your pension capital is clearly shown in a graph. This allows you to make even better choices for your investment profile. In other words: do you opt for more or less risk? To make you especially aware of the options, you will receive a letter about your investment choice this month.