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Your pension, your future
Love your future. Shell Pension.

November 2020

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7 reasons for choosing video calling

Would you like to take a good look at your pension and ask all the questions you have? Since last summer, in addition to calling or e-mailing us, you can also schedule a face-to-face video call with us. During this digital session, you can easily get an extensive insight into your personal pension situation. We asked Petra de Wit, pension specialist at APS, about the reasons to opt for a video call.

1. Additional information 

"Do you have a specific question about your pension? Or do you have, after looking at the website, additional questions, which are not easy to answer over the phone or by e-mail? Then a video call is the right choice. My colleagues and I will gladly take the time to answer all your questions. For straightforward questions, we recommend emailing or a phone call."

2. Personal contact

"For many people, pension is a rather complex topic. In the past, we therefore held discussions with participants on location. We noticed that this personal contact was highly appreciated. Because live conversations are not desirable in this COVID-19 crisis, video calling offers a solution."

3. Interaction

"Calling is convenient and fast. But actually seeing each other allows you to react immediately and our pension specialists can also gauge from you whether or not you are clear on something. Moreover, a personal conversation often feels more informal to participants."

4. Screen sharing

"During the interview, you can share your screen. For example, you can look at documents and make calculations together with our pension specialists. On my-Shellpensioen you can prepare yourself prior to the interview by looking at your pension statement and making calculations."

5. More eyes

"Several people can participate in a video call. For example, I recently had a lady on camera who called together with her daughter because she found her pension situation a bit confusing. Perhaps you would also like your child, partner or financial advisor to be present during the call."

6. Positive experience

"The first experiences with video calling are very positive. Participants recommend a video call for more extensive pension questions and give this new service an average of 9.5."

7. Location

"The call takes place at a location of your choice, at home or abroad. Just from your laptop, computer, tablet or smartphone. It's really very easy!

This is how a video call works: 

  • Check out the form and choose the date and time that suit you best.
  • You will receive an e-mail confirmation with a personal and secure link.
  • At the time of the meeting, go to the secure link.
  • The video call with your pension specialist starts.
  • Immediately after the call, we would like to hear how you feel about the session. Your answers will help us to further improve our services.


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