Your pension, your future
Love your future. Shell Pension.

Pension update February 2021

Your pension, your future
Love your future. Shell Pension.

November 2020

Pension knowledge

7x more insight in your financial future

The poll in our previous newsletter showed that you would like to have a more comprehensive picture of your pension. That's why we asked our pension specialist Mark Engelbertink to share some handy advice.

1. Start with the basics

"On you will find all the information about the SNPS and SSPF pension schemes. Did you start working before 1 July 2013? Then you'll build up your pension with SSPF. If you started working for Shell after this date, you'll be with SNPS."

2. Know where you stand

"On the government website  (this page is only available in Dutch and accessible with DigiD) you can see a complete summary of your pension accrued in The Netherlands. This includes the pension you have built up with previous employers. Pension accrued in the net scheme is not (yet) shown there. On this site you can also find basic information about pensions. For example about AOW (statutory retirement age).

3. Keep tabs on your capital

"If you log in at my-Shell pension you can see how much pension you have accrued with Shell. The pension in the SSPF scheme is actually set aside for you. The pension you have accrued with SNPS is based on investments. This amount still changes due to fluctuations in your capital. With the tool Pension development you can graphically see how your capital develops with SNPS. Participants of SNPS also receive a quarterly overview of the investments."

4. Decide on the risk

"With SNPS you decide how much risk is being taken with your pension capital. You can choose a defensive (low risk), neutral (medium risk) or offensive (higher risk) investment profile. You can change your profile on my-Shell pension. With the Investment Balance you can see what this change will mean for your pension.”

5. Look ahead

"With the tool my-Flexplanner you can easily calculate how much pension you will receive when you retire. The pension you have accrued with SNPS is a snapshot. When you are about to retire, you can make a final calculation for the pension you have accrued with SSPF using ‘Apply for your pension’. Both tools can be found on my-Shell pension."

6. Go for a custom-made pension

"When your retirement date is getting near, you can make various choices. At SSPF, for example, it is possible to exchange the partner's pension for more retirement pension and vice versa. Shell Pension is happy to inform you about the options, but cannot give advice. For this you can contact a financial adviser.

7. Just ask

"Do you have any questions? Simply mail or call us. You can also schedule a video call. During this video call we can, for instance, have a look at your pension together and explain your options which you calculate with my-Flexplanner."

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